Help your business succeed with these free apps, all brilliantly designed to help you be more productive and organized in your business -

The Best Productivity Tools

If your brain is all a jumble with things to do, lists coming out of your ears, and a  head that’s fit to explode with entrepreneur chaos, then you need support!

And what better way than to arm yourself with these productivity tools & apps, that can help you better organize yourself, and soothe your dwindling sanity whilst doing so!

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It’s 100% free to use and is firmly on my mobile phone’s home page, I use it that much! Not only can you create different projects for yourself, but you can invite people to share projects and assign tasks.

So you could have a home project, a business project, a holiday project etc. And you can choose which ones to keep private and which to share. You can even break your business project down to loads of subsections if you wanted – admin, content creation, marketing plans etc.

Check it out here  – plus there’s a desktop version too, which syncs, so no matter where you’re working from you can keep on top of your notes and how things are going. My husband and I share a Home Life project for example and another Business project. Then, we each run several of our own separate individual projects with all sorts of lists inbuilt in them, too.


If Asana is not your thing, then Evernote is right up there. You can scan your documents and receipts, organizes articles and web pages, curate all your ideas in one place. It’s a good alternative option to Asana for sure.

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Google Drive

Good old Google Drive is fab, don’t underestimate just how much it can offer your business. You can make real-time edits with someone working on the same document as you at the same time, so that’s brilliant for collabs.


Trello is a beautiful organizational tool for all your business and personal tasks. It’s clean, easy to see, and has an intuitive layout. It’s not really great for collaboration though, so if that’s what you’re after then Asana is the best option here.

Help your business succeed with these free apps, all brilliantly designed to help you be more productive and organized in your business -


Zapier is like a little magical matchmaking friend that links everything up for you effortlessly! You can tell apps and software to essentially ‘talk’ to each other, and Zapier will complete an action based on whatever ‘zap’ you set up. So you could add someone to a specific email list as soon as they sign up for a course of yours in a completely different software.


Grammarly is a life-saver for most online businesses! Don’t have everything else beautifully set up, and then forget about grammar! Or spelling. Or any other part of your writing that could potentially make a reader switch tabs. And yes, you could even rewrite this paragraph for me, if you wouldn’t mind!

It’s worth taking a look at, especially if you have a blog or any business where you’re posting written content on a regular basis. And it’s certainly advisable if you’re sending any written copy, quotes, or business letters to clients and customers.

Worth a look…

So hope these several apps and services might be of help as you go about your day to day business.

Remember, just because you’re an entrepreneur, doesn’t mean you have to figure it out all by yourself, even if you’re working all by yourself


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