These are some of the brest ways that Photographers and creatives can get Pinterest working to maximum effect for the and their products

Pinterest Tips for Photographers

Think your photography images are destined to get lost among all the other Pinterest pins?

Or maybe your business is still pretty new, and you just don’t have that many pins on your boards at the moment?

Or perhaps you feel like you’re ‘too late’ to the Pinterest game, and you’re playing catch-up on a platform that seems to be rocketing away and leaving you behind…

No matter how you may feel now, know this – you can DEFINITELY turn your Pinterest game around, and in as little as a few weeks. All you need is a handful of simple tips + strategies, and a desire to do some groundwork to make it a success. And I know, because I did just that!

In this post, I’ll be sharing 4 key steps you can take TODAY to make the most out of every single image you pin, no matter how many followers you have or pins you’ve pinned.

Pinterest guide to pinning for photographers

But before I give you these 4 tips, let’s have a chat about why Pinterest is such an important and insanely useful platform for photographers.

Because let’s face it, I’m sure you only want to use methods that can maximize results for you – get you more bookings, better profit and an increase in loyal & happy customers, right?

What’s Pinterest got?

Whether you’re a brand new photographer or a seasoned pro, if you’re not using Pinterest yet, you need to be on it – like, yesterday!

Pinterest is a deliciously visual collection of all sorts of images. It’s like having a digital corkboard right on your mobile or desktop. One that doesn’t take up loads of room and look a mess on your kitchen walls, which has unlimited space to pin ideas, and one you can constantly refer to for all sorts of reasons.

Yes, there are millions of images on the platform. But yes, there’s definitely space for your images too, and for them to do brilliantly well!

Getting it right

These are some of the brest ways that Photographers and creatives can get Pinterest working to maximum effect for the and their products

If you’re on Pinterest, you need to make sure you’re using the platform in the right way. Well what’s the right way, surely it’s a case of pinning masses of beautiful images and people will notice me, yeah?

Hmm, yes, and no.

Pinterest is less to do with quantity and so much more to do with quality. And quality isn’t just about the aesthetic of the pin (although that is a crucial part)

You want the main parts of your Pinterest account to sing QUALITY to anyone who comes across you.

And that comes in 4 ways….

1. Organizing your Boards

So, when you pin anything, it has to be pinned to a Board. And your boards are kind of like mini advertising platforms for you to showcase a theme. Maybe it’s a food board, and you’re pinning lots of healthy vegetarian photography that you take for clients. Or perhaps it’s a portrait board, and you’re pinning photography of families or actors, performers or corporate, whatever your niche is.

If you don’t pin the image to a suitable board, it’s kind of like pinning a piece of paper to the wrong cork board in your house – hard to find when you need it, and a heckuva lot harder for a stranger to find and see!

You want other Pinterest users to see and share your content, so optimizing your boards is a really important first step.

Make sure you

– Name them appropriately. Stick to clean, clear titles such as Portrait Photography or Senior Portrait Sessions, as opposed to Jessica’s People and Faces. By all means by quirky and original, and funny if you want to  – but still be clear.

– Describe them. The words & phrases you use on your board descriptions all go towards making you a higher quality pinner in Pinterest’s eyes. Again, being clear about the board content and using popular keywords is going to propel your boards higher up when others are searching for similar content. Keywords are super important. And you should be using them everywhere! (more on that later)

– If you’ve got really old pins that now seem irrelevant to your new board either a) delete them entirely if you hate them! or b) move them to another board. A good idea here is to move any ‘randoms’ to a secret board, and then you can decide what to do with them at a later stage (without compromising your public boards in the meantime)

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pinterest profile photo

2. Prep your Profile

If you’ve not already switched from a Personal to a Business account, do that as soon as you can. It doesn’t cost you a thing, it’s completely free, AND it comes with a whole host of fab benefits, not least of all being analytics.

Pinterest analytics helps you see how your account is growing, which are your most popular pins, where your audience is coming from and so much more. It’s a terrific insight and lets you chart all of your efforts, so it’s well worth the switch. Once you’re done this, optimize your profile name:

– Is your photography business mentioned?

– Have you got a description of the services you offer?

– Have you mentioned keywords which relate to your unique selling personality ( this is my preferred take on the USP!)

– Is your profile photo professional and clear to see? Does it show your face, or is it your recognizable logo? Either is fine, just make sure it’s a quality image that portrays the image & feeling you want clients out in the world to see

3. Power-up your Pin

power your pinterest pin

If you’re stuck on what to pin and how to pin it, I’ve cleared this up for you in bite-sized chunks in this post all about Pins. It goes through all the aspects of a great Pin and what it should be and shouldn’t be to be successful. If you need a refresher, take a read too, and that way you can come back here and remind yourself easily for future pins.

As a reminder, a pin should:

1. Be a Rich Pin, if at all possible

2. Should be vertical

3. Have a destination

4. Be well-designed

5. Have relevant hashtags and descriptions

4. Hashtags & Keywords

hashtags and keywords for pinterest

This is where you really want to hone in on the important phrases and keywords for your pin. You want to write them within the description AND use them as hashtags.

Let’s say you’re a real estate photographer, and you’ve pinned an image of your latest photo shoot.

You could

a) Leave the description blank

b) Write something like ‘Ocean Drive, CA, large exterior shot’

c) Or write ‘Excited to capture the stunning gardens and exterior of this beautiful beach home on a recent property photo shoot in southern California #realestate #propertyimages #californiarealestate

C is off the top of my head, and only you know your own niche, but you see the difference, right?

Look at the potential ! C does a few things – it lets people see a little bit of ‘you’ in the description, it tells them what you do and what you’re most recently involved with AND it gives immediate tags to where you are and what you specialize in.

Plus, imagine if this pin ALSO leads to a blog post on your website with a blurb all about this beach photo session, or a variety of your photo shoots. And someone is searching for ‘California real estate’ on Pinterest? Well, you’ve just put yourself in a FAR better position than if you’d simply gone with options a) or b).

Pretty good, right!

Action: Checklist!

Remember, this is not about ‘followers’ or ‘likes’. Forget the social media fight for approval.

This is Pinterest. And Pinterest is a visual search engine designed to keep bringing traffic directly to you, if you can just tap into these foundations and basics, and grow from there.

So, here’s an Action list takeaway for you:

  • Switch to a business profile
  • Update your profile photo
  • Use keywords and your business name in your profile blurb
  • Tweak your board names
  • Write descriptions what ate keyword-rich for each board
  • Remove irrelevant pins
  • Design fresh pins
  • Describe your pins with powerful keywords…
  • ….and you’re good to go!

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And what’s more, to help start you off, I’m giving you 101 of the most popular & useful Photography Hashtags for FREE to get you started! Pinterest suggests using a maximum of 20 hashtags per pin, so by mixing and matching these 101, as well as adding any of your own, you’ll be able to write a whole variety of differently-worded pins in no time!

With my happy photo love,


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