Handy print outs to help you prep for this Black Friday - www.thehappyphoto.com

How to prepare for Black Friday

It’s just a couple of weeks away from the biggest spending day of the year – are you hiding under your duvet yet?!

Black Friday is a late one for us this year, hitting on Friday 29th November, with no doubt its usual chaotic scenes and pre-Christmas gift-buying frenzy coming atcha left, right and centre!


But it’s a time when even the best of us can get a little carried away. We
end up buying all sorts of useless things because they seem ‘a good deal’. And let’s face it, the shops & advertisers do a brilliant job of selling that  ‘good deal’ to us time and time again. Right? We all fall for it! Aaargh!

So, this year, DON’T! 

I’ve created a free little Black Friday pack for you to use. It’s nothing
crazy, just some templates to help keep you sane amidst all the red stickers and discount claims! Think of it as a little helping hand so that you don’t get blindsided by deals that really aren’t’ deals at all ;/

Download your Free templates

So, here are some easy-to-use sheets for you to pop down products you
love, start your price research now at the stores you like, and then
compare everything when the BF whirlwind starts!

How to have the easiest Black Friday ever - do this prep beforehand - www.thehappyphoto.com

And there’s nothing to stop you using them for both personal and business needs. Print sheets out for your camera needs, and then some for toys
you have to buy or make lists for the people you need to get presents for.

make this Black Friday easier on your pocket - do the right research and stay Zen this November! - www.thehappyphoto.com

The ‘Fake’ Deal

Let’s face it, how many times have we all seen the likes of Amazon advertise 30% off a lens or a beauty kit or a book collection… and thought “WOW!” 

But really, on closer inspection they’re saying it’s 30% off the RRP, and Amazon (and many other stores) regularly sells the product for 26% off anyway…

Listen, I’m not saying the extra 4% isn’t’ worth it – it could be a steal of a deal and too good to pass up!

But maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s not in your budget. Or maybe there’s an alternative you’d consider instead if you weren’t blinded by the ‘30% off’ tag.

Handy print outs to help you prep for this Black Friday - www.thehappyphoto.com
Handy print outs to help you prep for this Black Friday – www.thehappyphoto.com

So do your prep ๐Ÿ™‚

This free little“Black Friday Scoop” just helps you do your homework so you don’t get stung. Print and use the sheets, or transfer the research into a notebook – whatever works for you. Just make sure to make time to do it! ๐Ÿ™‚

So with time still left to go, start thinking about your budget.
Start thinking about what a deal would really mean to YOU (not the shops
trying to sell you) and have the best Black Friday for your pocket yet!

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