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How Just 5 Minutes Can Change Your Business

Hope the world is treating you well as you read this, and you’re creating some beautiful photos for your business & for your soul ­čÖé

I wanted today’s post to be about ‘Making A Plan’.┬á
3 words that often fill us all with dread, right?! Whether it’s a plan for the day ahead, the week, or for our lives, ‘making a plan’ always sounds so BIG. Such a huge deal. And such a huge amount of work.

But if you’re running your own business, or want to be, then ‘making a plan’ is critical to ensuring you’re on the right path at every stage. And good news – it┬ácan be made to feel a really exciting part of your day! After all, it should be about your happiness and your success.

Small Steps

That’s right. Most of us make the mistake of trying to sit down and make these huge drawn out plans with intricate details and all sorts of timelines and goals. But making a plan can start with as little as just 5 minutes. And we’ve all got 5 minutes a day to spare, I’m guessing.

Grab a pen and a notepad and go to a quiet part of your home or office. Sit down and for 5 minutes just let ideas flow.

Business. Dreams. Creative ideas. Hopes. To-do lists. Whatever. Get them down on paper to see, clearly and easily. Plus, 5 minutes is manageable. AND most importantly, it means you’ll DO IT. You won’t need to put it off ’til another time.

The thing is – there’s┬áalways┬ásomething to do – emails, clients, edits, creating, marketing…..the list goes on. BUT, have a plan as to what, when and how. Make sure you’re checking in with yourself and keeping on top of what you’re doing and why. That way, you can be sure that there are goals and a focus, and not just a random series of activities you’ve fallen into.

Set Aside a Specific Day & Time

10.25am on a Tuesday looking empty to you? Fab, that’s your ‘Make a Plan’ slot! Prefer 8pm on a Monday? Great, get it booked in with yourself! Set an alarm if you need to, and grab yourself a coffee. Just make sure that if you break this date with yourself that you reschedule it for the same or next day.

Booking in a regular slot like this makes it part of your routine. Part of your working week. The time when you can just focus down on ideas and plans for your business and how you want to progress

Section It Off

Have several different sectors of thoughts and ideas for your business? Then make sure you separate them out, to keep those goals clear and easy to see. Some examples could be Admin, Marketing, Blogging, Vlogging, Client attraction, New Products, Branding…Some of these will require constant work, little by little every week. Others might need big chunks of time, but be one-offs.

Treat Yo’self!

Who says making plans has to be a fruitless task? Sure, you’re aiming towards a happier and more successful business – but there’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself at little steps along the way.

Just set up your blog after a few weeks’ of slog? Have a treat! Finished designing all your marketing & branding for the season ahead? Ooh, treat time again I’d say!

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Meanwhile, don’t neglect a plan because you think it needs mountains of commitment.┬áStart small. Pen & paper, or a mobile app. Make notes, tick off tasks, and get yourself one step closer every day to the creative business you want & deserve ­čÖé

With my happy photo love,


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