Why Evergreen photos can be the lifeblood of your photography business and help your portfolio in many ways

The power of evergreen photographs

So I’ve touched upon evergreen photographs in other posts, but today I thought I’d dedicate a whole post to what they are, how you can spot them, and how you can effectively use them throughout your portfolio

Evergreen shots are the kind of photos that you can use:

  • All year round
  • For any occasion
  • Across different portfolios
  • Or all of the above
Why Evergreen photos can be the lifeblood of your photography business and help your portfolio in many ways

They’re the type of photographs that are non-specific enough to ‘blend in’ to a collection of photos. They also can sometimes help in emoting a feeling to a portfolio. 

So they can be pretty useful in helping sell ‘an experience’ to a client, not just your product or service.

What about flowers...

For example, let’s take flowers. 

No matter what type of photographer you are, flowers are a perfect evergreen shot. If you’re a wedding photographer, you can use a soft pink, dreamy flower photographer to add in a romantic feel. Or use thistles, darker petals and thorns for your more Rockstar weddings. If you’re a real estate photographer, you can use a bouquet of flowers to evoke homeliness & love for the house you’re capturing. You can probably even find a use for flowers if you’re a pet photographer.

Why Evergreen photos can be the lifeblood of your photography business and help your portfolio in many ways

The Grab & Go Shoot

Flowers aren’t time specific, season specific or event specific. You can use them on your website your about page or as backdrops for text. 

And one of the great things about flowers is they don’t need to be booked into a photo shoot! So, if you ever feel stuck without a subject to photograph, grab your camera and either head to the garden or park to capture them out in nature. Or pop down to your local florist, grab a bunch, and head home to take some styled shots on your kitchen table. 

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Make them work with your brand

If you’ve got a particular theme to your brand, even keep your flowers in the same colours & hues. That way, you can use them across your marketing, as well as for your portfolio and your client pitches.

Great for sales

Evergreen photographs are also ideal to sell. They’re generic and in high supply, so you might not be able to pitch them to the larger stock sites like Alamy and Getty. But there’s always a market for flower photographs, whether bold & bright or soft & delicate.  I’ll do a post soon on some places you can consider selling your images, if you’d like to venture down that road J

How to shoot them

If you’re heading out and about to the local park or back garden, you’re going to want to set your ISO at about 200-400 depending on the brightness of the day. If you’ve got a lightweight tripod, take that with you and set up in an area where either there are lots of flowers to choose from or the quality of the flowers is high (even if quantity is low) otherwise you’ll be lugging a tripod every two minutes to a new location! Handheld is great too, just make sure you have a steady hand and a fast enough lens to minimize blur.

Get your white balance checked – you can always alter in post production, but the more you can get right in camera the less work you’ll be giving yourself later.

Consider switching to a dedicated macro mode, if you’re looking for close-ups of petals and softer bokeh when you’re outdoors.


If you’re at home, then you can control your environment a lot more. Experiment with different backdrops for just the flowers themselves, and then consider doing a stylized shoot – where you place the flowers into a scene. You could try little vases dotted on a rustic table. Placing flower heads next to keyboards and notepad & pens for an entrepreneurial feel. Or perhaps next to items of clothing for a lifestyle shot. The sky is the limit.

And don’t forget, I’m only talking about flowers here! 

Next steps

The scope for evergreen photographs is vast, and likely all around you every day.

So grab a notepad and pen and start listing things you see in your daily life that could make for great evergreen photos. Remember, you’re looking for things tick at least one of these boxes:

Not Season or time specific

Can be used for any occasion

Could be used across different portfolios

And, if you really want to know how to calculate your time, utilize a budget, plan your finances, work out how to start thinking about client pricing AND put a proper cost on your time, pop across and learn about the Pricing Made Easy course!

With a comprehensive eBook, worksheets and ready-to-use calculators (to do all that difficult math for you) it’s the essential foundation you need to know your numbers, inside out!

Catch up again soon,

Laura x

Why Evergreen photos can be the lifeblood of your photography business and help your portfolio in many ways

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