Easter Photo Ideas

Yeay, Easter is almost here! And that means Spring is too, with its longer, lovelier days, taking us out of the cold dark afternoons and into daffodil blanketed fields and warmer sunnier spells!

But of course, who am I kidding – it also means chocolate eggs! And Easter cakes and treats, cute bunnies and chicks lining the windows of every high street shop, and a huge display of spring flowers wherever you look!

This Easter, if you haven’t already started thinking about writing a seasonal post or doing a seasonal portfolio, grab your camera, and head out to take full advantage of the extra hours of natural light and all the great props & treats on offer to help you create a fantastic Easter portfolio.

Here are 5 types of shot that you should consider taking. Try them all or just a couple, whichever best suits your style and your brand

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The Simple Shot

If you’re wondering where to start, keep it simple.

A bowl of mini eggs on a simple kitchen surface ( or even on a roll of white background paper) keeps things easy to set-up, handy to clean afterwards, and doesn’t cost a lot to purchase the goods.

Any bowl will do, and you could set-up something like this shot here with some chocolate powder and a scattering of eggs around the bowl to make it feel less ‘styled’ in the end result

The Creative Shot

Why not grab some normal, everyday eggs and write messages on them. You could even write your an Easter offer on, to entice customers to purchase a special springtime package from you!

Cute and easy to do. Just remember to have a soft nibbed pen and a gentle hand – you don’t want egg on your (face) camera!

creative eggs
macaroons in spring

The ‘On Brand’ Shot

And if you’re not a fan of chocolate and little chicks, then perhaps opt for a more springtime-inspired photoshoot instead.

Choosing soft pastels, and gentle delicate blooms, you can create an elegant portfolio, as showcased right here with these delicious macaroons and spring flowers. This could fit in with your brand more too, especially if you choose colours for macaroons or cakes which match your own brand palette.

The Cute Shot

And without spending a fortune, you could buy a little Easter prop like this bunny that could be used in food or flower shots, along with any promotional material you’re printing or designing. See how these could just be normal cupcakes, but with the addition of some little mini eggs AND the bunny prop, it’s an Easter portfolio shot right there – easy, not a lot of time to set up….plus, let’s face it, delicious to eat after all your hard work too!

bunny and cakes
pretty pink flowerrs

The Evergreen Shot

Wanting something a bit more classical in style?

Then you can’t go wrong with an ‘evergreen’ shot like this.

It’s evergreen because you could use this type of photograph virtually any time of the year (hence it’s ‘evergreen’) and for so many different sectors of photography and marketing your work.

But it works well as a spring seasonal shot because it’s clean, beautiful & simple.

Make sure you find a backdrop that isn’t too noisy or garish, and you can ensure it becomes a long-standing shot for you.

Why these ideas work so well

The one thing I love about the 5 different types of photographs showcased above is that

  • they’re not expensive to buy the products
  • they’re not difficult to set up
  • they’re not going to take a lot of time
  • they also have multiple angle opportunities to make that seasonsal portfolio more versatile

So there you have it – 5 simple and quick types of photograph you can take to capture Easter and build your seasonal photography portfolio.
cute bunny
springtime bouquet
neutral eggs
yellow eggs

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