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The essential steps to starting a photography business -

What You Need to Start A Photography Business

Who doesn’t want to make a living from their passion? In reading this article, you’ve made that all-important first step of conducting some research into the feasibility of making a living from photography. We don’t need to tell you that

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It's so crucial to make sure your photography contract is ticking lots of boxes for you and your client, so don't miss out on these 8 essentials that every contract needs to have -

Photography Contract Essentials

Harvey Specter. Ally McBeal. Saul Goodman. Perry Mason. I’d take a safe bet we’ve all got our own favourite TV lawyer and legal show. Watching them kick a**, take down the bad guys, and spin their spiel at the climax

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The most common things photographers forget to budget for when first starting out

Budget mistakes you can’t afford to make

You’ve been saving up. Working extra hours where you can. Dreaming of the day when you can finally make photography a full-time career and create a business with freedom & choice. There’s a rush of adrenalin, a shortness of breath

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