How to have the easiest Black Friday ever - do this prep beforehand -

Black Friday Tips – 7 steps to help

It can be such a chaotic time of the year, as we all try to simultaneously wind down whilst amping up the preparations so we can unwind! And Black Friday is one of those days (well, weeks now) when there are some amazing deals to be had to help our pockets as we go along. But without a little bit of prep, it can be more hectic than it needs to be. So here are 7 tips to helping make this Black Friday, and any ‘end of season’ sale as calm, stress-free and pocket-healthy as it can be….

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Now’s the time to get that Prime free trial

If you’re not already on Amazon Prime (or haven’t been for a good while at least) now’s the time to take them up on their free 1-month trial. But make sure you set a reminder on your phone, pop a note on your fridge (or whatever works) to remind yourself to cancel before the month is up.

Amazon also sends you a reminder, but I always like to give myself a few days’ of breathing space before a trial period ends, just to ensure there’s absolutely no overlap.

Not only will you get free & speedy shipping on your sales goods, but you’ll be covered in the following lead-up to Christmas …. AND you get to watch Prime Video for a month for free too – can anyone say Christmas movie overload?!

List out your ‘categories’

Start popping your categories down too, to get an idea as to what you might need – equipment, tech, health, presents, fitness, business tools, editing software, plugins, stationery, clothing….

Discounted Subscriptions

Back to Amazon, but something else they tend to do at this time of year is roll-out the heavily-discounted deals :

Worth a peek if you fancy giving your eyes some well-deserved rest for once, or overdosing on some great literature with the other!

Free Shipping

See which companies are doing free shipping – and possibly more importantly, which are offering free returns. It’s great buying stuff online, but sending stuff back can be a right pain in the backside. Make sure you only buy from companies who make that process easy (and preferably free) so that you’re not struggling to find some obscure returns address from a non-available customer services team, in a country you’ve never even heard of.

Black Friday tips to make life easier -

Stick to who you know

And on that note, now’s not the time to be trying ‘new’ companies who offer deals that are too good to be true. Too good to be true often means they’re not true. And this is the time of the year when a lot of swindlers are out there taking advantage of consumers.

Keep it Safe

Only buy from a website with an HTTPS or a keylock sign. Not sure if they have it? Then go across to the address bar and at the far left of the address you’ll either see a padlock sign and/or a https (meaning it’s a secure site) There is absolutely no reason why any company shouldn’t have one of these in this day & age – if it doesn’t, walk away and buy from somewhere that does.

Paypal it

If ever in doubt, use Paypal. Even if you’re going to still use your credit or debit card via the Paypal platform, you might feel safer using this method that entering your card details to a site you’ve not used before or don’t know too well yet.

Other tips?

What other tips do you have for Black Friday and other ‘end of season’ sales? Share them below 🙂

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