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Getting chance to head to the beach always brings a smile to my face – not that I get that chance often, mind you. And even if I did, nestled in England means the weather isn’t always on our side here for picnics on the sand and sunbathing frolics!

But when I’m abroad, or on sunnier UK days, heading to grab some fresh sea air and feel the sand between my toes is just what the doctor ordered. Especially if I have my trusty camera at my side for some snapping opportunities.

If you’re close to a beach or can enjoy beach-time weather most of the year, then you need to be getting some beach photographs into your travel portfolio as and when you can.

They’re such a versatile shot to have – so let’s think about that as I talk you through 5 types of beach shot you could be snapping this next weekend or vacation…

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travel - ocean blue

The Aerial Shot

Straight in at the deep end is the aerial shot – but what a thing of beauty it can be!

Sure, it’s not a cheap shot to make, and it requires special equipment in the form of a drone camera. But the payoff is a portfolio crammed with stunning overhead photographs which a) have a high commercial appeal and b) can be offered to a variety of clients when other photographers might not be offering aerial photography.

The drone camera I absolutely love to use is this one by DJI Mavic – the Air! It’s tiny when folded up, so if you want to pack it in your cabin bag, this is the one to grab

The Fun shot

This is certainly a more affordable shot to take and is all about the ‘feeling’ of the moment. Carefree, fun, at ease, family time… capturing people in action at the beach delivers the ‘inspirational’ shot – the one which travel companies love to use and which can be great for you to show your family-focused clients just what you can produce for them too.

Consider it street-photography-at-the-beach, and you won’t go too far wrong with the lens you choose and composition.

A 35mm or 50mm focal length is perfect – check out these entry-level options for NikonCanon and mirrorless cameras like Panasonic here.

travel - sand play
travel - parasols

The Stock Shot

And by stock here, I mean both as an option for a resale by yourself, but also as a good ‘stock’ shot for you to have in your arsenal.

If you’re at the beach alone, or just prefer shooting products to people, make sure you’re grabbing those everyday shots – the deckchairs, parasols, lifeguard huts, straw hats, suntan lotions….you get it, right?

The Creative Shot

Got a waterproof casing? Or happy to shoot through a deep see-through container (making sure you keep your camera bone dry, of course!) ? Then underwater and cross-sectional shots like this are great fun to practice and hone. They also show a fun & creative side to your work, which, if this is your style, is invaluable in attracting new clients who want a break from more traditional photography styles. Don’t just think families for this type of shot – lots of corporations aren’t traditional in style any more, and prefer something colourful, ad hoc and off the wall than you might think.

travel - flamingo
travel - pebbles

The Sunset/Sunrise Shot

If you’ve got kids, then waking up at the crack of dawn should be easy for ya, I know this! But seriously, if you’re an early riser, pop that alarm on a little earlier when you’re at the beach and set up for some stunning sunrise photographs.

Sunset’s easier for timing, but actually likely busier at the beach, so scope out a quieter spot where you can capture the horizon.

And horizon shots like this signify ‘new days’, ‘fresh starts’ and ‘self-growth’, so aren’t just about pretty colours – they’re about buidling a portfolio of ready-to-go shots that have marketable appeal.

The Real and Ready Photographer

Discover what you need to be a successful photographer with this free intuitive course – complete with worksheets & exercises designed to help you

free course!

Heading to the beach for photographs, just bear a few things in mind:

  • is your camera and lens weather-sealed?
  • if not, do you have a protective casing or sealed bag?
  • what’s the wind like? Too windy, and the sand will end up swirling into every nook & cranny of your kit
  • have you done your kit check and packed your bag? Check out the 10 ways to simplify your photography post if you haven’t already

There’s a few more photos to inspire you below, and I’d love to hear about your photoshoots at the beach, so please comment and let me know 🙂 

With my happy photo love


travel - caopy
travel - shore curve
travel - waves crashing
travel - sunset horizon

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