A little more info

Hey there, I’m Laura and welcome to The Happy Photo!

I’m a mama and a wife, I love all things travel &  home, and I’ve been a photographer and coach to other photographers for over 15 years.

I love being by the sea & sipping on a glass of wine (who doesn’t, right?!) But mostly, spending time with my husband & little toddler, out & about making memories 🙂

The Happy Photo all came about because I realized that a lot of photographers, especially new photographers, had the same thing in common – they weren’t happy in their business. What starts as a passion, so quickly becomes a whole lotta confusing burden. 

And The Happy Photo is about changing all that for YOU!

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So if you’re feeling stuck, lacking confidence, filled with doubts about what to do next, don’t worry! I’m right here on hand to help you, coach you, and guide you through the obstacles you may be facing, so that you can find & refresh your happiness… and succeed in your business!