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4 Steps to succeed in your photography business

Today, I wanted to share my top 4 tips for being a successful entrepreneur and making your photography or creative business work.
And the tips that are going to keep your mind sane, your body refreshed, and your attitude in a positive mindset. Because being an entrepreneur is bloody tough going most days! But it doesn’t have to be without support x

You are Not Everyone Else

“Aha” I hear you cry! And that’s because this is hopefully a HUGE reminder to you. YOU are not THEM. Entrepreneurs are in a constant battle trying to overcome the hurdle of comparing ourselves to others….How many followers, how many likes, how much business, what are they charging, what press are they getting, what equipment are they using, what fanbase, what….. aaannnnd the list goes on! But just like with your own family & friends even, YOUR experiences are completely different to someone else’s. And more often than not, you really don’t know what’s going on behind a public facade anyway!

So stop comparing. You are unique, wonderful and create with YOUR soul and YOUR talent. No-one else does what you do.

The Real Focus of Your Goals

It’s sooo easy to lose track of time, and lose sight of the most important things around you – your family & friends. Yes, you have deadlines to meet, and yes, there’s a never-ending list of things to do.BUT, the whole reason you’re trying to make your business work is that you want a better life, right? And a ‘better’ life won’t be better without the people you care about in it! They are your REASON.So carve out time each day when you shut off COMPLETELY from work – and yes, I mean no Instagram posting or doing the odd Pinterest pin! Whether it’s ‘all tech down’ at 7pm, or a couple of hours over lunchtime to spend with you kids or to catch up with a friend on the phone, give yourself that joy, that precious time with those that mean so much to you.
It’ll recharge you too for the work ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t Try & Do It All Alone

Aaargh, if I had a dollar for every client who piles their plates too high with EVERYTHING! Well, I’d have a good stash of dollars! And I was once exactly like that too, so I know the battle to control everything is real! The thing is, even though you’re busy you end up piling even more onto your schedule, in this crazy attempt to ‘do it all’.

Here’s some real advice – and if you listen to nothing else I ever say, please hear this:


And THAT’S why they’re successful! They hire, they buy resources, they use tools, they get training…Essentially, they BUY their own TIME to use it somewhere else more effectively. And they INVEST in themselves and their business.

It’s not ‘saving’ money by not investing back into your business – and I’ll be chatting with you a lot more about that in a new email series coming up very soon.

Slow Down When You Need To

I’ve popped a recent Insta post below, because this is true for most of us most weeks.

Yes, it gets hard. Yes, there are times when inspiration abandons you. And yes, there are moments when you feel you’ve no energy to carry on. . Running your own business is tough. It’s full of challenges. But it’s also full of rewards. Moments of pride, happiness, success, that feeling of creating something for a client that changes their whole life.

So rest when you’re tired. Recharge. Look after yourself and your business by taking time out. . Don’t give up when it gets hard…. You never know when you’ll turn that corner ?

We get tired. That’s natural!We get fed-up. That’s natural!We want to jack it all in – VERY natural! So when you feel like that, take a time out. Take 20 minutes and recharge your brain and your soul. And don’t ‘rush’ back into whatever you were working on.

Slow and steady wins the race, AND means you won’t be crossing that finish line about to collapse!

I hope you can keep these 4 piece of advice close to your heart & in your head. And if you’d like to receive more advice and tips for your success & happiness, just click the button below to become part of a supportive & nurturing tribe ๐Ÿ™‚

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