10 little steps to feel happier today

What do you do on those difficult days? You know, those days that are hard, & tough and challenging. Sometimes we can face them head on right? But other times, we just need some support, some extra glimmer of positivity and hope to find our little patch of happy again. There’s always something we can do, no matter how small, to ensure our happiness isn’t overlooked in all the running around, taking care of our kids and families, juggling jobs and business tasks, looking after our home, supporting friends and family… We need to do all that, sure, but let’s just do it whilst keeping on top of our own health, particularly our heart, soul and mind.

So here are 10 teeny little steps that might go someway to helping you feel a little happier today. Maybe you’ll manage all 10, maybe just 1. But even 1 is better than zero, and will get you one step closer to finding that happy place within you again….

1. Take time to congratulate yourself on what you’ve done. It doesn’t matter if it seems a ‘small’ thing you’ve achieved, because it’s not. Every accomplishment takes time & effort, so don’t forget that and be proud.

2. Switch your phone off every day, for at least an hour. It’s time that you can use however you like, just without that constant ‘background’ noise of beeps, updates and phone calls to distract you.

3. Be kind. I’m sure you already are, so no worries there! But it’s amazing the impact you can have on someone else’s life by just being a little kinder and giving them some of your time and consideration. And hopefully, if everyone feels that way, someone else will pay that back to you too x

4. Let go of stress. That doesn’t mean you forget it. You often can’t. BUt releasing it is important, so cry if you feel like it, or scream if it helps release tension. And share your worries with close friends and family. You’ll be glad you did, and they will too, knowing they can be on hand to support.

5. Enjoy your own company. Go for a walk, read a book, take a bath, visit a museum, head out for coffee…. whatever it is, just enjoy listening to your inner thoughts and feelings without others with you (and with no social media, either!)

10 little ways to feel happier today

6. Journal. Scribbling all your thoughts and ideas down onto paper can be really cathartic and help you express yourself in your daily life.

7. Keep learning. There’s always something to learn! So grab a book, a course, watch a documentary, go to a lecture or a talk…. keep your brain active and growing, and your heart and soul will too. And you can always take the free Real and Ready Photographer Course, which explores and encourages you to develop your happiness and your skills.

8. Early to bed. You don’t have to go to be at ridiculous o’clock! But just 30 minutes before usual can help in relaxing your body & unwinding from the day.

9. Remember your blessings! You have so much to be thankful for, I’m sure, from your home and surroundings, friends and family, skills and attributes, not to mention life’s essentials…keep a note of them and remind yourself on those particularly tough days.

10. And share. Don’t feel like you can only share the ‘good’ stuff in your life. You ARE the good stuff! So whether worries, happiness, achievements, fears, feeling…. share them with people, write about them talk about them, whatever makes you feel comfortable…

Always remember – no matter what, every little step is still a step

Tiptoe if you have to but take the step. And you’ll find a little more happiness waiting around the corner for you….

Laura x

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